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Collage of Whitetails taken at Ten Point Lodge LLC

4 bucks taken at Minnesota Outfitter Ten Point Lodge LLC

Whitetail Hunting Outfitter Packages

To achieve maximum hunter capacity on the property, outfitter (Ten Point Lodge, LLC) reserves the right to combine small groups. When the four person maximum group number is reached, your hunt is exclusive; no other Deer Hunters will be on the property when your group is hunting.


Euro mounts are availablle on site.  Mounts will be cleaned, dried and oiled in five hours to your satisfaction.  $75.00 per mount.

Hunters with buck taken at Minnesota Outfitter Ten Point Lodge LLC

Outfitter Package Pricing

TREE STANDS: The use of personal tree stands is prohibited.  Over thirty ( 30 ) ladder stands are provided by the outfitter in proven locations giving the hunter the best opportunity to see deer.  You will receive a map of the property and the GPS locations of all the tree stands.  The outfitter will make sure you find your stand location each day.  All tree stands are within reasonable walking distance.  All hunters utilizing a tree stand are required to wear a safety harness.   

Personal ground blinds are encouraged  The outfitter will assist in directing you in selecting prime locations to set up your blind.  Hunting from a corn field sitting on a camp chair is also a method proven successful.

Another proud hunter at Minnesota Outfitter Ten Point Lodge LLC

Guidelines and Particulars

The use of personal ATV'S is prohibited unless a medical condition exists that would necessitate the need for a personal ATV and that it was discussed before your arrival.  The outfitter will pick up any harvested deer with the lodges personal  ATV and trailer.  After pictures the harvested deer will be transported to the cutting shed to be gutted and hung or processed and frozen, depending on the weather.

The "FOUP POINT" restriction is still in effect at "Ten Point Lodge".  Failure to report the shooting of a small buck and failure to report the shooting of a fawn and leaving them lay, will result in termination of that hunters contracted hunting privileges.  All clients are encouraged to carry binoculars to count antler point and determine age of deer.

Wounded and Unrecovered Deer